Sexual Abuse Within the Catholic Church
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Diocese of Camden Bankruptcy:  On October 1, 2020, the Diocese of Camden filed for bankruptcy.  We have helped hundreds of abuse survivors pursue claims in other Catholic bankruptcies, including the current Dioceses of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, and the Boy Scouts of America.  The bankruptcy does not mean abuse survivors will receive no compensation from the Diocese of Camden — the bankruptcy simply puts a “pause” on the current lawsuits against the Diocese while a bankruptcy judge decides a fair way to use its assets to compensate abuse survivors and others.  We have put together a “frequently asked questions” based on our experience in other cases, which you can read by clicking here.

Most importantly, the bankruptcy judge will set a “bar date deadline” for abuse survivors to file claims in the bankruptcy.  The deadline may be significantly shorter than the statute of limitations, including the two year “window” under New Jersey’s new law for abuse survivors.  If an abuse survivor fails to file a claim by the bar date deadline their claim may be forever “barred” and they may receive no compensation, even if they claim they were not aware of the deadline.  Please contact us to learn your options and to make sure your legal rights are protected.

First Lawsuits Filed:  On December 1st, our law firms filed some of the first lawsuits against the Catholic Church under New Jersey’s new law for abuse survivors.   The new law gives all abuse survivors, regardless of their current age, a limited time to file suit for the abuse they suffered.  If you or someone you love was sexually abused as a child, please contact us to learn your legal options and to ensure your rights are protected.

Child Sexual Abuse in the New Jersey Catholic Church:  We represent dozens of people who were sexually abused by Catholic priests and others associated with the Catholic Church in New Jersey.  If you were sexually abused, you are not alone and it was not your fault.  Please contact us for a free, confidential consultation to learn your legal options under New Jersey’s new law for abuse survivors.

Read and Watch Interviews with Our Attorneys and Clients: Some of our clients have decided to speak publicly about the legal claims they are filing under New Jersey’s new law for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  You can read and watch interviews with them and some of our attorneys by clicking these links:

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Priests Identified as “Credibly Accused”:  Click on a name below to see the names of priests and others who the Catholic Church in New Jersey has concluded were the subject of credible allegations of child sexual abuse: