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New Jersey’s new law greatly expands the rights of survivors of childhood sexual abuse, including the creation of a two year “window” in which anyone can file a claim for the abuse they suffered.  That window closes on December 1, 2021.  However, those new rights, including the two year “window,” could be significantly shortened if a defendant files for bankruptcy because a bankruptcy judge may set an earlier deadline for people to file claims against that defendant.  For that reason it is very important that abuse survivors learn their new rights and understand their options.

If you or someone you loved was abused, please contact us for a free and confidential initial consultation. You can contact us by filling-out the form below and hitting “Submit,” by calling us toll-free at 888-573-9448, or by emailing us at  There is no charge or fee for speaking with us.

Please note: if you are contacting us on behalf of someone who was abused, please call us in order to respect the attorney/client privilege.

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