Boy Scouts of America Bankruptcy

On February 18, 2020, the Boy Scouts filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as a result of lawsuits brought by survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  We filed many of those lawsuits on behalf of our clients and we will be actively involved with the bankruptcy proceedings.

What Does the Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Mean for Abuse Survivors? 

If you were abused by a Scout leader please know a “bankruptcy” only means the Boy Scouts are facing so many lawsuits that they need a bankruptcy judge to decide a fair way to divide their substantial assets and insurance among the abuse survivors who file claims.  A “bankruptcy” does not mean abuse survivors will receive no compensation if they file a claim.  Some reports state the Boy Scouts have more than $1 billion in assets that may be available to compensate abuse survivors, plus their insurance.  In order to quality for compensation you must file a claim with the bankruptcy court and you will likely need to file a claim by a “bar date” deadline that is set by the bankruptcy judge.  The deadline may be significantly shorter than the time you would otherwise have to file a claim under state law, which we believe is one of the reasons the Boy Scouts have filed for bankruptcy.

You can  read the bankruptcy petitions and our answers to frequently asked questions by clicking here.

If you or someone you love was sexually abused by a Scout leader or someone associated with the Scouts please contact us to learn your options and to ensure your rights are protected.

Update:  Governor Murphy Signs Law Giving New Rights to Abuse Survivors!! On May 13, 2019, Governor Murphy signed New Jersey’s historic new law for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  Most importantly, the new law gives all abuse survivors two years to file a claim for the abuse they suffered, regardless of their current age, and extends the statute of limitations to age 55.  However, those time limits could be significantly shortened if the defendant in a person’s case files for bankruptcy.  Please contact us to learn your options and ensure your legal rights are protected!

Many people are confused about how the new law would work, so please contact us for a free, confidential consultation to learn your legal options and to ensure your legal rights are protected.  We represent many abuse survivors in New Jersey with claims against the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts, and others.  You are not alone, and it was not your fault.

Boy Scout Perversion Files: We represent dozens of people who survived sexual abuse by Scout leaders in New York and other states.  Most people have heard of the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, but many do not realize that the Boy Scouts of America has had a similar problem.  Since the early 1900s, the Boy Scouts of America maintained a list of individuals that it deemed to be “ineligible” to volunteer, and many of those individuals were added to the list over allegations of child sexual abuse.  Unfortunately, despite knowing that thousands of sexual predators had used the Boy Scouts program to groom and to target children, the Boy Scouts failed to take reasonable steps to warn Scouts or their parents of the danger.  To the contrary, for many years the Boy Scouts actively tried to conceal the problem.

On this page, you will find the names of individuals from that list who were associated with a troop in New Jersey, along with a link to some or all of the file that the Boy Scouts maintained on the individual.

Important note:  Please do not be alarmed if you were abused by a Scout leader and his name is not listed below.  For many years the Boy Scouts destroyed the files of men after they died, and many of our clients were sexually abused by Scout leaders that are not on the list.  The names below are only from files that have been made public — there are at least hundreds of other files that have not yet been made public, so the person who abused you may very well be in those files.  Please know any recent reports claiming that these files are “new” are not accurate — we first obtained these files in discovery almost 20 years ago.

If you or someone you know were abused by a Boy Scout leader or volunteer, even if it was decades ago, please contact an attorney to learn your legal options.

List of New Jersey Boy Scouts Ineligible Volunteers