Catholic Priest

Terence O. McAlinden

Ordained: 1967

Placed on leave without privileges 9/07 after Diocese was informed by prosecutor’s office of claims that he had sexually molested a juvenile for several years, beginning in 1985. Civil suit filed & dismissed. No criminal charges because of 5 yr SOL. Diocese review board found allegations to be credible. Matter was forwarded to the Vatican for review. Same man filed in 2009 in DE. In 2011 one man said he reported abuse in 1989 and settled w/ Diocese in 1992; another alleged abuse in late 1960s. Lawsuit still before the court 6/14. Diocese is claiming it is not responsible for McAlinden’s behavior because he was “off duty” at the time of the abuse. Diocese settled 10/14 with a man claiming abuse by McAlinden in the 1980s. Died 2/6/15.