Catholic Priest

Michael (Mitch) Walters

Ordained: 1965

Allegations to archdiocese in 8/15 that Walters abused two minors, a boy and a girl, in the early 1980s while assigned to St. Cassian in Montclair. Not suspended until 10/15. One accuser said Walters fondled and kissed him repeatedly as a 12-year-old altar boy in 1982; the other claimed Walters molested her when she was ages 13-14. Walters denied the accusations. Another woman publicly accused Walters of molesting her twice when she was age 13. Criminal investigation underway 7/16 of allegations he sexually abused a boy in the 1990s at St. John Nepomuce in Guttenberg. This accuser filed suit 8/17/16. His attorney said he was representing six Walters victims allegedly abused 1982-94, ages 8-14. Two more suits filed 10/16. Judge in 10/17 found probable cause to file charges. Five cases settled in 1/19. On archdiocese’s list 2/13/19. Permanently removed from ministry.