Catholic Priest

Manuel Gallo Espinoza

Ordained: 1998

St. Mary’s, Plainfield NJ visiting priest from Ecuador. In 4/03 a 15-year-old male St. Mary’s youth group member told his priest-cousin and a youth group leader Gallo Espinoza raped him in a parish rectory bedroom. Reported less than two weeks later by Catholic Charities to prosecutor’s office. Gallo Espinoza old by Archdiocese he could no longer minister; fled to Ecuador. Investigation closed. In 2010 the boy, then a young adult, filed police report. The AD Review Board deemed the allegation credible and recommended laicization. In 2005 Gallo Espinoza returned to the US and taught in a middle school and a high school in MD and VA. Abruptly fled in 2/14. In 7/15 his whereabouts were unknown. Criminal investigation re-opened. Found in 8/15 to be in Ecuador. Admitted to a “sexual encounter” with the boy. Victim filed criminal complaint and arrest warrant issued 1/16. Indicted in 5/16. Still at large at the time. On archdiocese’s list 2/13/19. Permanently removed from ministry.