Catholic Priest

John M. Capparelli

Ordained: 1980 ?

Accused in 7/11 suit of abuse of a youth. Allegedly had boys wrestle in skimpy bathing suits and photographed them. Sold videos on web. Accused of groping plaintiff. Suit names Scouts and Diocese. Left active priesthood in mid-1980s. Privileges removed 1992; sent for treatment. Taught high school in Newark for 20 years. At least 24 other men came forward with same complaints. Given non-teaching job 11/11. Another suit 12/11. Both settled 2012. Surrendered public schools teaching license 6/13. May have been laicized in 3/14. His appearance at annual Family Festival at Our Lady of the Valley parish during the week of May 14th resulted in suspension without privileges by Paterson bishop of the pastor, Chris Di Lella, a long-time friend. On Newark archdiocese’s list 2/13/19. Died 3/6/19 of gunshot wound at his home in NV. Homicide investigation initiated. Reportedly had a history of hiring male prostitutes.