Catholic Priest

Augustine Giella

Ordained: 1950

Transferred from Newark NJ in 1982. Retired 1989. Returned to NJ. Allegation in 1992 to the Harrisburg diocese that Giella had abused a child beginning in 1983. Arrested in NJ 7/92, indicted for child molestation and child porn. Pled not guilty to sex assault of an 11-year-old girl. Family filed lawsuit. He died in 5/93, before he could be tried; suit settled with the diocese for $900,000. Other women called news outlets saying they had been abused as minors in NJ in the 1960s by Giella. A PA woman filed suit in 2001; that and two other claims settled later in 2001. In 7/18 two sisters alleging abuse through the 1980s by Giella asked a court to lift a gag order that was part of prior settlements with their other sisters. Accused of abuse of 5 girls in their family, one beginning at age 18 months. On Harrisburg diocese’s list released 8/1/18. On Newark’s list 2/13/19.